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For four years I’ve blogged mostly about my personal genealogy in New England (Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire), New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Illinois, Wyoming, and the Eastern Townships of Quebec, Canada. I still will, can’t forget my own roots.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mabry Mill, Virginia -- Wordless Wednesday

Mabry Mill, Virginia
One of my favorite places, located on the Blue Ridge Parkway. We owned a summer house just a little over an hour away, so this was a frequent stop during our travels.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Peter Jenison buried in Wayland, Massachusetts -- Tombstone Tuesday

Here Lyes the
Body of
Mr. Peter
Jenison; Who
Deced January Ye
17th, 1723 Aged
41 Years & 3 Mo

His foot-stone is the nicest I've seen for any ancestor of mine. Most times, I see just the initials, and never the scroll work.
Peter Jenison is my 7th great-grandfather.

Four Jenisons are buried above. Because of the sun, I couldn't take very good photos. Another trip might be in the works. This cemetery isn't far from where I live, and I recently discovered why I couldn't locate his burial site. It's because I had his named spelled Jennison and not Jenison. The right spelling made all the difference. His wife is buried in another town, and I'll post that next week.

I called the Wayland Cemetery Department for help on where he might be buried. The photo below, from their webpage gave me an idea where he might not be buried, so I needed help. They didn't know exactly, but gave me two ideas. Once there, we tried the small "Old Section" first, and my husband found him immediately. Peter Jenison is listed in FindAGrave, with a cemetery stone photo, however, no lot number or exact indication of where he was buried.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Memorial Tablets, Revolutionary War and Civil War, Stow, Massachusetts

These Tablets
Are Erected
by the
Town of Stow
on its
Two Hundredth Anniversary May 16, 1883
in Commemoration of the Valor
and Devotion of its citizens who aided
in Achieving American Independence
and Extending the Liberty
and Preserving the Unity of Our Country
and Who Died in Their Country's Service


John Gordon
Died in Camp at Cambridge June 19, 1775

Daniel Gates
Died Jan 20, 1778

Ephraim Gates
Died March 19, 1778

Stephen Hale
Died July 2, 1778

Benjamin Gates
Died July 9, 1778


Winfield H. Benham
May 18, 1863 New Orleans

John Brown
Sept. 5, 1864 Point Lookout VA

John Alpheus Brown
Dec. 8, 1864 Winchester VA

Thomas Cunningham
Oct. 30, 1864 Saulsbury Prison N.C.

Edward Andrew Davidson
Nov. 9, 1864 Baltimore, MD

William Henry Dunlap
Jan. 13, 1863, New York

Samuel Hampton
June 5, 1864 Rebel Prison

Albert Mordough Kinsbury
Aug. 31, 1864 Gaines Mill VA

Daniel Artemas Lovering
June 3, 1864 Cold Harbor VA

Francis William Moore
April 19, 1863 New Orleans

Albion Nutting
Oct. 14, 1864 Washington D.C.

George Whitmarsh Parks
July 2, 1863 Gettysburg Penn

Charles F. Perry
Mar 18, 1863

James Rye
Mar 4, 1864 Vienna VA

Abraham Foster Rogers
Aug. 5, 1862 Baton Rouge LA

Matthew Smith
Dec 2, 1864 Danville VA

Joseph Albert Swift
Oct 12 1864 Winchester VA

Albert Walcott
Apr 15, 1864

George Franklin Whitcomb
Jan 2, 1865 Saulsbury Prison N.C.

Thomas Whitman
June 19, 1862 Fair Oaks VA

Henry Windsor Wilder
Sept 1, 1864 Winchester VA

George Willis
Sept 1, 1862 Chantilly, VA

The tablets are on the left and right walls in the Stow, MA Library shown below. More photos and blog post about Library may be seen HERE.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Civil War Memorial, Lancaster, Massacusetts

That Our Posterity May Also
Know Them
And The Children That Are Yet Unborn.

George Wright Cutler
Willard Raymond Lawrence
James Gardner Warner
Luther Gerry Turner
Franklin Hawkes Farnsworth
James Burke
Robert Roberts Moses
Ebenezer Waters Richards
George Lee Thurston
Henry Maynard Putney
David Wilder Jones
James Dillon
Charles Timothy Fairbanks
Henry Albert Cutler
Oscar Frary
Stephen Adams Keyes
Walter Andrew Brooks
John Patrick Wise
John Chickering Haynes
Stephen Wesley Gray
James Andrew Bridge
Henry Jackson Parker
Sumner Russell Kilburn
Solon Whiting Chaplin
William Dustin Carr
Samuel Mirick Bowman
Caleb Wood Sweet
Edward Richmond Washburn
Horatio Elisha Turner
William Schumacher
Frederic Fordyce Nourse
Geoerge Walton Divoll
John Louis Moeglen
Oren Hodgman
Luke Ollis
Fordyce Horan
Francis Henry Fairbanks
Edward Russell Joslyn
Francis Washburn
This large Civil War Memorial is in the Memorial Building and Town Library in Lancaster, Massachusetts.
(The lady sitting didn't mind having her photo taken.)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Two Disappointments With My Ancestor's Homes in Salem, Massachusetts And Then....

It seems more often than not, I come up with my blog post title first, then write the article and post the photos. With the title, it give me some direction in putting the piece together. Once the below photos were in place and the rough draft was written, I went about trying to see if there was anything new on google about the "Stephen Daniels House" and the "John Pickering House," there was and I almost fell off my chair. First things first, regarding the Two Disappoints With my Ancestor's Homes.
The Stephen Daniels House (now a Bed and Breakfast) was written about in my May 2013 post. I mentioned how I wanted to check into staying at this Bed and Breakfast.

A few months ago, while in Salem, I decided to knock on the door and see if I could see a bit of the parlor and meet the owner and innkeeper. I arrived armed with a few family group sheets as my evidence of interest. A cleaning lady clearly didn't want to deal with me, nor ask me inside. She also said the owner was sleeping (at 2 in the afternoon). I never expected a "no" even with my saying I follow the house on facebook and I have written about the house on my blog. Yes, perhaps I should have called first, but it is a Bed and Breakfast, and I suspect people do drop in on occasion. I was very, very disappointed, plus they lost a potential paying overnight guest.

I liked that it was an overcast day because the outside and inside lights were on, and flags were draped for maybe July 4th.
A few weeks later, I was back in the city to check out the library, and locate the house below since I had just discovered that John Pickering was a distant ancestor, my 8th great-grandfather.
Approaching the John Pickering House, built in 1651, I could see it's unique design and size. I had heard it was the oldest house in Salem MA. The house wasn't open the Saturday we went, but there should be another opportunity to visit it in the future.

The sign should be replaced so that visitors can read what it says. Fortunately, I took a close-up for us to read.
Pickering House
Built by John Pickering 1660

Here Was Born in 1745
Col. Timothy Pickering
In the Revolution He was
Quartermaster General and
President of the Board of War
In Washington's Cabinet He Was
Secretary of State, Secretary of War
and Postmaster General

Senator from Massachusetts
Closer view shows the house needs of a paint job, repair work and landscaping. I had hoped to show better photos of the house, but this is what I saw. Disappointment again.

However, in my google research, the Library of Congress website of Prints and Photographs Online Catalog popped up, and I found my way to The John Pickering Place then the The Stephen Daniels House. I absolutely loved seeing inside Stephen's house, both sites provided more than photos and gave estimated dates they were built. No disappointments any more, I was very pleased and maybe you will be also, if you try the website.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Miles Ward and his wife Sarah Massey Ward -- Salem, Massachusetts (Tombstone Tuesday)

Miles Ward
"Ward, Miles Born March 11, 1672 Died August 30, 1764 age 92 years. The son of Joshua and Hannah (Flint) and husband of Sarah (Massey)." Lot E 148 
Sarah Massey Ward
"Ward, Warah (Massey) Born July 25, 1669 Died November 20, 1725 age 58 years. The daughter of John and Sarah (Wells) and wife of Miles." Lot E 171.

My 6th great-grandparents were buried in The Burying Point Cemetery, also known as the Charter Street Cemetery in historic Salem, MA.
This Ground
The First Place set apart in
For the Burial of the Dead,
and since 1637, known as
The Burying Point,
contains the graves of
Governor Bradstreet,
Chief Justice Lynde, and
others whose virtues,
honors, courage, sagacity
have nobly illustrated
The History of Salem.
If you have ancestors buried in this cemetery, I'd like to recommend an excellent reference book, complete with all the names and a good amount of genealogical information about the individual. The quotes of my Miles and Sarah were taken from this book. In addition there is a map of the layout, including the Witchcraft Memorial. I've used the source below many times, because I have three other ancestors buried there (Stephen Daniels, Simon Bradstreet and John Proctor).

Charles Street Cemetery Burial Records
Salem, Massachusetts
Compiled by William C. Carlson
(Copy at NEHGS in Boston)

Graves of Greatest Historical Interest.
Names mentioned:
Nathaniel Silsbee
Mary Cory
Jonathan Ward
Mary Cromwell
Benjamin Lynde
John and Anstiss Crowninshield
Clifford Crowninshield
Bartholomew Gardner
William Browne
Hilliard Veren
Habakuk Boditch
Hathaniel Bowditch
Deliverance Parkman
Simon Bradstreet
William Hollingworth
Samuel McIntire
John Hathorne
John Higginson
Richard More
John Turner
Timothy Lindall
Robert Peele
George Heusler
John Swinerton
Nathaniel Mather
Richard Derby
Simon Forrester
William Orne
Dr. Grimshawe
The cemetery is not in the best condition.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Touch of Maine

Village Green in Bar Harbor, Maine

Acadia National Park (Cadillac Mountain above and Thunder Hole below at a quiet time)

Ogunquit, Maine, above (from a candy store, looking out at the ocean), and below.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The First Demoulas Market in Lowell, Massachusetts, the Fighting Two Cousins and All the News it's Making

Cropped photo taken May 14, 2014.

The First Demoulas Market was established in
Lowell in 1917 by Athanasios "Arthur" Demoulas
and his wife Efrosene (Soulemanis) Demoulas.
Immigrants who ten years earlier had arrived
in Lowell from Kalabaka, Greece.

In 1955, the market was incorporated by their
sons Telemachus and George, who expanded the
business to 14 supermarkets before George's
early death in 1971.

Telemachus went on to create on of the
largest supermarket chains in New England.
He became a well known and respected
philanthropist beloved throughout the
acre and the city of Lowell for his
generosity, his vision and his spirit.
He died in  2003 at the age of 82.

The photo above and below were taken behind the house where James McNeil Whistler was born.
 (The marker is in the middle, with red car to the left.)
To read more about this family and the business, see Wikipedia HERE or google Demoulas or Market Basket. It is currently on our Massachusetts news non-stop, and on national news as well. I'm posting this because there might be some people who would like to see photos from two of their 71 stores.
There is a feud between two cousins and apparently, there has been bad blood for many years. Both cousins have the first name, one is Arthur S. and the other Arthur T.

As a result of the favored cousin's firing, the employees are extremely upset, as are the customers. People are not shopping in the stores, instead dragging themselves to the more expensive stores such as Hannaford, Stop and Shop and Shaws as a way to force the other cousin to change his ways. Employees and customers are picketing side by side and many customers are bringing food for the employees. This began at least 12 days ago, and nobody knows when it will end or what the outcome will be.
Customers are taping their receipts from competitive stores on the doors. Market Basket is losing at least 10 million a day because of this.

Unsold bread and other perishables are donated to food banks. There hasn't been produce in the stores for about 14 days, so many of the local farms are doing a brisk business, now selling fresh blueberries, corn and other crops.
August 5, 2014, long article in the New York Times. See HERE.

August 6, 2014, The Today Show had a long segment about Market Basket. See HERE.

August 6, 2014, The People Magazine had an article, "Market Basket Grocery Chain Workers Want their Beloved Fired Boss Back." See HERE.

August 12, 2014, WCVB news, "Market Basket employees told to return or lose jobs" "We are writing one final time, to invite you to return to work and perform your job obligations."

August 15, 2014, The Boston Globe, "Market Basket board meetings the stage for family strife"

US News and World Reports, "Killing Market Basket's Golden Goose"

Why B-Schools Should be Teaching Market Basket

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bolton Public Library, Bolton, Massachusetts -- Genealogy and History Section

I absolutely loved the Bolton Public Library! My husband and I go past this at least 3-4 times a year, either on our way to the Tower Hill Botanic Garden or to check out cemeteries in the Lancaster, MA area. Wait until you see the inside.
Original library erected 1903, expanded in 2009.

Entering the Whitcomb History Room, old safe on the left.

Lovely reading room below.

A list of all the libraries, with genealogy departments, I've visited in New England and New York is below. All are linked to my posts.




Maine Historical Society and Library, Portland, Maine